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About Katy

Katy Preen is a writer & artist from Manchester, UK. Katy has a Master’s degree in engineering, and worked in industry for 14 years before turning their hand to writing full time. Katy’s expertise stems from their years of technical writing on niche subjects, combined with the experience of using technology to analyse & solve real-world problems. Katy’s articles have appeared on vocal.media and HubPages.com, covering a wide range of topics including politics & current affairs, feminism, technology, and good old-fashioned life advice. Their design work has been featured on CafePress, RedBubble and Creative Action Network, and a soon-to-be-published colouring book. Katy is also working on two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. Body Of Experience is a psychological thriller set in the not-so-mean streets of Manchester; Taking Ownership is an investigation into the movement of money in the construction & property industries. Katy’s passion is for telling a good story so that it reaches everybody in some way, be it a synopsis of academic research or a modern-day fairytale. When Katy isn’t writing, they like to read, draw, and go for long walks. Always keen to experience the strangest that life has to offer, Katy has had acting roles as a professional zombie and a sadomasochistic nun. They continue to perform in quirky performances whenever the opportunity arises.

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