Month: January 2018

Mind The Gap: Education and Employment Outcomes | The

Mind The Gap: Education & Employment Outcomes

In mentioning the ethnicity of the under-achieving pupils, we ourselves are “playing the race card” when it’s not actually about race in this instance. So now that the papers have got hold of it, we’re subjected to headlines like the one above from the Telegraph, and gems like those below (don’t worry, they link to critiques of the articles, not the original fact-free versions).

Update 5th January 2018

Update 5th January 2018

Exciting things are happening with my creative endeavours! I’ve been able to increase my output so that I now have a presence on more sites, and I’m reaping the rewards as a result. I’m in the process of overhauling the website, so things may seem a little clunky for a while. However, I’m focussing on usability, presentation and content (so basically, all of the redesign), with the aim of updating the site to give a better impression of the work I do. Because I’ve done so much over the last couple of months, a lot of this is collating data to create a virtual CV.

As well as my regular postings at Vocal, I’m now writing on Medium, and I have set up an Atavist account for my political cartoons. I still write at HubPages, and I will be adding some fresh articles soon. Behind the scenes, I’m working on some fiction and non-fiction books, and I’m hoping to publish my first one through Unbound later this year.

Finally, I’ve introduced more ways for me to get paid! I know it’s all about my art and that, but I have to put food on the table. You can send me one-off gifts through my profile at Vocal, or you can sign up to be a donor to my Patreon, which has further details of projects that I’m hoping to fund (there will also be updates to the project as I’ve come up with a more structured plan for what I want to create using patron’s money).

Keep reading my stuff, and remember – Sharing is Caring!

The Truth About Late-Term Abortions |

The Truth About Late-Term Abortions

I decided to write about abortion, not because I have any information that’s not already out there, or because I have a particularly unique angle on it. But there is a problem with how politicians and the media characterise late-term abortions and use it to demonise women and doctors, when it hardly makes a difference to the overall numbers, and is the worst possible demographic to go after.