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Font Of The Day #4 – 8th June 2017 – FF Tisa Pro

FF Tisa Pro

Prior to today, I’d showcased some fantastical and funky fonts.  But sometimes, you just need a formal or “traditional” typeface for something a bit more serious.  FF Tisa Pro is a serif font that would be great for longer pieces of text, from CVs to creative writing.  As you can see from the graphic, it’s […]

Font Of The Day #3 – 7th June 2017 – Preta

Today’s featured font is a sponsored one, and it’s a beauty.  Loopy, large and lovely; bubbling with joy.  Preta was created by Lian Types, and I found it at  It’s certainly an interesting typeface, good for drawing the viewer in.  Admittedly, a part of this is due to the difficulty in reading it, so I […]

Font Of The Day #2 – 6th June 2017 – Quiet Streets

Quiet Streets

Today’s Font Of The Day is Quiet Streets by Darrell Flood, found at  It has a cinematic feel to it, with its tall and elegant form.  Even though it is a sans-serif font, it is still intricately defined.  Today’s #FOTD is free for personal use, but the creator has a link for donations on […]

Font Of The Day #1 – 5th June 2017 – Lobster


Lobster is my favourite font – you may have noticed this, due to my copious usage of it on this site!  I know that it’s not the nicest font to read, and so I’ve restricted its use to headings.  The font used for the body text on all pages is Slabo 27px – I was […]