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Writing A Badass Book Review | The Writing Cooperative

Writing a Badass Book Review – The Writing Cooperative

I began reviewing books when I was ten years old, in my middle school English class. We were required to produce one per week, with occasional gems being read out in front of the class. Partly due to the frequency and volume of my work, and partly because I genuinely enjoy reading, and then considering and writing about books, I’ve become rather good at it.

Convincing the British To Adopt UBI – Part 2 | Medium

Convincing the British to Adopt UBI – Part 2 – Katy Preen – Medium

Following my first article exploring the subject of whether we could easily convince the UK to adopt a Universal Basic Income (UBI) system, I’ve had feedback both on Medium and elsewhere. I always try to respond to comments because in writing an article I have begun a conversation, and I’d like to keep the conversation going.

Sweet Sixteen and Never… by Jeanne Betancourt | Amateur Book Reviews

Sweet Sixteen and Never… by Jeanne Betancourt – Amateur Book Reviews – Medium

Growing up is easier when you have an instruction manual. I’m taking another step back in time to consider a vintage title. Vintage by my own Millennial standards, anyway. Following my review of last week, I’m looking at Sweet Sixteen and Never… a book that I read twenty years ago.

The Frailty of Consent When All You Know is Shame | Medium

The Frailty of Consent when all you know is Shame – Katy Preen – Medium

We need to change our attitudes on sex - but to what? Since the revelations of #MeToo, we’ve started some important conversations about not just consent, but pleasure and communicating our desires to our partners. The two are natural bedfellows, but these conversations are difficult for those who have been brought up to feel that sex, and our own bodies, are inherently shameful.

No, MeToo Hasn’t Gone Too Far | Medium

No, #MeToo hasn’t gone too far – Katy Preen – Medium

Well, this is a novelty. I’ve written a few articles about the #MeToo backlash, and by some incredible coincidence that is hardly ever experienced by feminist writers (honestly it literally never happens, except maybe once every other minute or so), I’ve received a load of comments from dudes pushing back against the #MeToo movement.

Germaine Greer’s Transphobia is Borne out of Internalised Misogyny | Medium

Germaine Greer’s Transphobia Is Borne Out Of Internalised Misogyny

There’s an underlying current of hatred and bitterness to Greer’s supposedly feminist teachings. The thing that I think of the most with regard to Germaine Greer is her insistence on imposing her 1970s values onto the present day. Her dogged intransigence and adherence to what worked once is remarkable, although not commendable.

A Trigger For Change | Medium

A Trigger for Change – Katy Preen – Medium

Another day, another high school massacre. They happen so frequently now, that the shock value just isn’t there anymore. How awful, that the senseless deaths of children no longer shock us. Predictably, pro-gun spokespeople including politicians and celebrities have been scratching around for as many excuses as they can to deny that lax gun regulation was the cause of yet another school shooting.