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Geometry and Vocabulary – No, Cis Isn’t a Slur | Medium

Geometry and Vocabulary – no, “cis” isn’t a slur – Katy Preen – Medium

WARNING: in this post I discuss homophobia, transphobia and some weird shit about seagulls. Look away now if you’re ornithophobic - shit, too late! Because I’m no doubt going to get grilled on my credentials, I identify as non-binary, and I usually read as a gay man or a gay woman, so I dunno, maybe I’m performing something like how non-binary’s supposed to look.

Too Much Information – why we say “I have a boyfriend” when we don’t | Medium

Too Much Information – why we say “I have a boyfriend” when we don’t

There cannot be a woman on the planet that has never claimed to have a boyfriend when trying to escape the clutches of a would-be suitor that we have no interest in. Why do we do this? Because simply saying that we’re not interested doesn’t work - it turns into a negotiation or a fight.

Power Dynamics and Informed Consent | Medium

Power Dynamics and Informed Consent – Katy Preen – Medium

In February this year, Monica Lewinsky spoke about her #MeToo moment, regarding her relationship with then-president Bill Clinton. She views the dynamics of that relationship in a different light now, both in terms of how in control she felt of her actions and participation, and in how it was perceived by the outside world.

Public Health Messages and Fat Acceptance – Is There a Conflict? | Medium

Public Health Messages and Fat Acceptance – is there a conflict?

B oth the UK and the US have high levels of obesity. In the UK 62% of the population is overweight or obese, and in the US it’s 74%. There is a wealth of advice from government and the medical profession encouraging us to slim down, to avoid the risk of serious illnesses and early death.

Work Ethics: The Moral Case For Universal Basic Income | Medium

The Moral Case for Universal Basic Income – Member Feature Stories – Medium

One of the barriers to adopting Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the feeling in neoliberal societies that nobody should get something for nothing. Even if the money is available, and there would be tangible improvements to society, the rule is that individuals must work in order to get recompense.

Good Girls, Bad Boys and Relationship Power Dynamics | Medium

Good Girls, Bad Boys and Relationship Power Dynamics

Do we always have to follow the same patterns? I left an abusive relationship almost 10 years ago, and I’ve been through counselling, therapy, a domestic abuse recovery program, and I’m still not completely over what happened to me. The process has helped me understand what went on, learn more about myself, and to rebuild my life.

Love Hurts | Medium

Love Hurts – Katy Preen – Medium

We never discuss the most important reason for staying. W hen we talk about domestic abuse, we miss one of the most important factors - love. We frame the argument in more rational terms, e.g. when we believe the victim only stays for practical reasons. We feel it must be because of lack of resources, or isolation, or logistics.

Who Are The Windrush Generation, and Why are they Facing Deportation? | Medium

Who are the Windrush Generation, and why are they facing deportation?

There is a history of racist and xenophobic policies behind this. The Windrush generation are named after one of the ships that transported large numbers of people from Commonwealth nations to the UK in the 1940s, 50s and 60s (see image above). This migration was encouraged, and was seen as mutually beneficial.

Writing A Badass Book Review | The Writing Cooperative

Writing a Badass Book Review – The Writing Cooperative

I began reviewing books when I was ten years old, in my middle school English class. We were required to produce one per week, with occasional gems being read out in front of the class. Partly due to the frequency and volume of my work, and partly because I genuinely enjoy reading, and then considering and writing about books, I’ve become rather good at it.

The Frailty of Consent When All You Know is Shame | Medium

The Frailty of Consent when all you know is Shame – Katy Preen – Medium

We need to change our attitudes on sex - but to what? Since the revelations of #MeToo, we’ve started some important conversations about not just consent, but pleasure and communicating our desires to our partners. The two are natural bedfellows, but these conversations are difficult for those who have been brought up to feel that sex, and our own bodies, are inherently shameful.