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Good Girls, Bad Boys, and Relationship Power Dynamics |

Good Girls, Bad Boys, and Relationship Power Dynamics

I left an abusive relationship almost 10 years ago, and I’ve been through counseling, therapy, a domestic abuse recovery program, and I’m still not completely over what happened to me. The process has helped me understand what went on, learn more about myself, and to rebuild my life.

A Trigger For Change | The

A Trigger for Change

Another day, another high school massacre. They happen so frequently now, that the shock value just isn’t there anymore. How awful, that the senseless deaths of children no longer shock us. Predictably, pro-gun spokespeople including politicians and celebrities have been scratching around for as many excuses as they can to deny that lax gun regulation was the cause of yet another school shooting.

Mind The Gap: Education and Employment Outcomes | The

Mind The Gap: Education & Employment Outcomes

In mentioning the ethnicity of the under-achieving pupils, we ourselves are “playing the race card” when it’s not actually about race in this instance. So now that the papers have got hold of it, we’re subjected to headlines like the one above from the Telegraph, and gems like those below (don’t worry, they link to critiques of the articles, not the original fact-free versions).