Font Of The Day #3 – 7th June 2017 – Preta

Today’s featured font is a sponsored one, and it’s a beauty.  Loopy, large and lovely; bubbling with joy.  Preta was created by Lian Types, and I found it at  It’s certainly an interesting typeface, good for drawing the viewer in.  Admittedly, a part of this is due to the difficulty in reading it, so I wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than headlines or slogans – although there are some variants that at slightly more linear, such as the Ao Sol or Small variants.  It’s more than just a font, it is a work of art.

You should definitely read the font bio for this typeface.  This was the idea the designer wanted to convey: “Preta, Portuguese for a very pure kind of black, has its name very related to its concept: I wanted to make the fattest/darkest script ever.”  I think they did a pretty good job of that, what about you?