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Font Of The Day #1 – 5th June 2017 – Lobster

Font Of The Day #1 – 5th June 2017 – Lobster

Lobster is my favourite font – you may have noticed this, due to my copious usage of it on this site!  I know that it’s not the nicest font to read, and so I’ve restricted its use to headings.  The font used for the body text on all pages is Slabo 27px – I was looking for something “traditional” but readable, and also just slightly different from what’s available in Word or OpenOffice Writer.  Anyway, back to the Font Of The Day, Lobster.  Some people absolutely detest this font, but I have a fondness for its loopy, stylised script.  It’s the sort of typeface I’d like to see on a T-shirt, or on the packaging of a sugary foodstuff.  It is the font of fairytales, candy and slogans, and it is glorious.

Let me tell you some more about Font Of The Day: every day I will blog about a selected typeface that I find interesting.  Some of these will be sponsored posts, and some will be free.  You can find out more by clicking on the image accompanying each post, as these contain links that will take you to the site where I discovered the font.  Lobster is a free font, by Impallari Type, available on Google Fonts (click the image on the right to go there).  I’ll try to vary the genre and licensing categories of my recommended fonts, so that there will be something for everyone.  You can also find more beautiful fonts on my Pinterest board, Just My Type.

The other thing about the Lobster font is that whenever I select it from my word processor’s drop-down menu, I get the ‘Rock Lobster’ song from Family Guy stuck in my head.  And now, so do you – you’re welcome!