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Update 5th January 2018

Update 5th January 2018

Exciting things are happening with my creative endeavours! I’ve been able to increase my output so that I now have a presence on more sites, and I’m reaping the rewards as a result. I’m in the process of overhauling the website, so things may seem a little clunky for a while. However, I’m focussing on usability, presentation and content (so basically, all of the redesign), with the aim of updating the site to give a better impression of the work I do. Because I’ve done so much over the last couple of months, a lot of this is collating data to create a virtual CV.

As well as my regular postings at Vocal, I’m now writing on Medium, and I have set up an Atavist account for my political cartoons. I still write at HubPages, and I will be adding some fresh articles soon. Behind the scenes, I’m working on some fiction and non-fiction books, and I’m hoping to publish my first one through Unbound later this year.

Finally, I’ve introduced more ways for me to get paid! I know it’s all about my art and that, but I have to put food on the table. You can send me one-off gifts through my profile at Vocal, or you can sign up to be a donor to my Patreon, which has further details of projects that I’m hoping to fund (there will also be updates to the project as I’ve come up with a more structured plan for what I want to create using patron’s money).

Keep reading my stuff, and remember – Sharing is Caring!